Our Story

HIMITSU isn't just about skincare and haircare – it's a journey inspired by the pursuit of luxury made accessible. Our story began in 2019, ignited by a revelation: the world of beauty held untapped possibilities.

Observing the difference between quality skincare and haircare abroad and what was locally available, we were moved to take action. Thus, HIMITSU came into being, proudly within the borders of India.

Our conviction was simple: every individual should have access to the secrets of beautiful skin and hair. Fusing the elegance of Japanese beauty traditions with India's essence, we formed something extraordinary.

Our products boast ingredients of international quality, crafted in certified factories. They're formulated by ingenious minds who understand the art of skincare and haircare. Plus, they're perfect for those who care about what they put on their skin and hair.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we introduce the world to radiant beauty, right from our homeland.

With enthusiasm and boundless potential.

- Founder, HIMITSU